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Compressed Air System Energy Audit

There are two ways to check the performance of the compressed air system:

  1. Perform a manual energy audit
  2. Perform an automatic energy audit

A manual energy audit involves a professional auditor, some recording equipment (loggers) and plenty of calculations. This will show the state of the system once a year (best case) or when there is a problem (the system reaching its limits). At that time, the least advisable solution will be implemented to keep the system running. We recommend performing a manual energy audit as a stepping stone to an automatic audit done by a Master Controller.

An automatic audit is done continuously by the Master Controller that not only controls the compressors, dryers, filters, H.V.A.C to save energy and keep the system at the set point but, measures all available parameters (Power, Flow, Pressure, Temperature) to calculate the specific power of the system, air leaks and pressure drop across air coolers and air treatment. These parameters will show a progression that allows time to develop and implement a solution that is not only more energy efficient but long term.

Energy Audit equipment

Master Controller